Best board for P4 3.0E Prescott?


I've aquired 3.0E 1MB cache processor and i'm looking for the best board to support this CPU. I don't care about features so long as the board has onboard LAN and USB. The MSI PT880 Neo is looking like a good choice. Would it be best to go for a 875p chipset board instead tho?

I would also be intrested in overclocking this processor if that is possible? I'm new to Intel chips so i'm not sure if this p4 3.0E can be overclocked and how.

Also, would it even be worth getting a new motherboard and using this CPU as i currently have an Athlon 2600+ overclocked to about 2250Mhz which is close to 3200+ if i'm not mistaken. Wondering if I would even see a performance increase.
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  1. The 865pe chipset gives you the best bang for the buck. I use the msi 865pe neo2 LS. The abit is7 is also highly recomended. Both are about $80.
  2. haven't built anything in a while so out of it and the new hardware.

    but, if he's wanting Prescott support - which I see the IS7 does handle the Prescott - does it take adavantage of whatever the Prescott chip do -- ie, or does the LGA775 boards do that better?

    Just curious ... tia. -jason
  3. Great upgrade? Nope. Worth $80? Probably not, unless you make money by encoding video. You may get an extra frame in games where you are already 100+fps. If you dont have a matched pair of decent ram, expect to see a slight loss in perf, untill you OC.
    I wouldn't recommend any OC without some serious after market cooling.
    If I were you, I would sell it and build an A64 system.
    Prescott is a bad design.
  4. No, I would not invest a bunch of dough in a 3.0E when you already have an XP-2600+ clocked over 3200+ speeds. The only reason to do that would be if you needed two pc's or a back-up PC. The difference in performance will be minimal.

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