I finally have some extra money to spend. Any game suggestions?

So i have about $60 that i set aside to buy a game. Im looking for any genre (rts, fps, rpg, whatever i play them all). I was thinking about Splinter cell conviction or AVP but the reviews werent too good. Another one on my mind was Battlefield bad company 2. But im in no way limited to these choices, im keeping an open mind. So any suggestions will be welcome :D .

Also im hoping for one of those addicting or high replay value games.
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  1. Dont even try to buy AVP... it improved much over the old one with graphics but to be honest I wouldnt buy it. I got free with my GPU but really the game isnt worth it.
    Battlefield Bad Company 2!
    Seriesly man thats the game worth the money, I always played the series for years and never got bored. You can never get bored when playing real player.

    If you got any more spare then... Just Cause 2 sounds like a long game as well as Far Cry 2.
  2. Just cause 2 and BC2 look pretty cool. Kinda torn between the 2 though
  3. I vote for either Killing Floor or Left4Dead if you don't have either. Countless hours of fun between the two and even under your budget. Definitely, absolutely do not go near AvP. I was a big fan of AvP2 and IMO AvP2010 doesn't come close to the fun AvP2 multiplayer would get for me. I've been a little lacking in the RPG/RTS area. The most recent purchase was Dawn of War 2 w/ the Chaos Rising expansion. It's OK, nothing spectacular, best to get it on a Steam deal of something.
  4. Get Battlefield Bad company 2, I think it's the best!
  5. lol kinda depends on what genre of games hes into.

    fps-battlefield and justcause 2

    strategy-supreme commander 2 and civilizations, starcraft 2 next week

    mmo's-none honerable mentions-eve online (just make enough in-game money to not pay $15 a month.
  6. BF BC2 is a GREAT GAME!!!!

    One older game I am still playing is Company of Heroes. It is a great RTS no real no zerg fest. But Company of Heroes is releasing a micro-transaction game in September called Company of Heroes Online.

    Free to play but pay for upgrades if you like it enough.
  7. no bf3 is a great game. bf2bc2 is half stepp'n to the real thing. C u next 1/2 decade or so bf3...I'll be ready wit my 8 core. lolz
  8. nobody would willingly play a crap game. I mean millions of people play world of warcraft, but they love it for some reason.

    seems a bit narrow to insult someone for liking graphics
  9. FarCry 2 is crap Hella boring game man,,,driving here and there..on same roads..same things again and again..missions are damn boring...you can keep it as an extra game that u can play in between..but IMO you can't live with it alone lol..graphics are awesome,, but well it all comes down to gameplay in the end..
    BF2 is cool...
  10. Stalker:Call of Pripyat is an excellent game.You will really like the exploration parts and it offers great replay value.
  11. go for the BF BC2 or pop forgotten sands its really cool
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