Will there be any socket 754 PCIe boards coming?

I am currently using a Neo k8t board, I was going to purchase a video card, then noticed a pretty big difference in the PCIe video cards over the agp cards. Now im wondering if i should just keep my 9700 pro and wait another year to upgrade my whole system? I was looking at getting the ati x800 series, but I dont think a agp would really be worthy of a purchase considering PCIe seems to be the future. Should I buy the agp version, buy a socket 754 board that supports PCI express if there is one? Or just wait another year to update my system. I do alot of 3d graphics. Thanks
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  1. Probably will be socket 754 PCIe boards out in a couple of weeks but manufacturers now aim for s939 (higher performance->new technologies).
    Question is: Do you really need a faster videocard now? At the moment, PCIe en AGP perform all the same but AGP will be fased out so if you buy a AGP card now you might not be able to buy an AGP mainboard next year (will probably stiil be available but you never know with PC's). If you van afford to wait, just wait and buy a new PCIe compatible system next year, also ensures you can use the newest video cards in the future.
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