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HELP me with TelNet

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Last response: in Networking
August 7, 2002 8:40:04 PM

I have an horrible problem with microsoft TelNet. Every time i tries to connect it sais "Can't connect to host on port 23, could not connect because main computer active denied it" something like that. I realy need it to work many programs are using it.

I have no firewall or anything like that, the ports are clear.

Please help me!

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August 7, 2002 8:57:44 PM

You need to set up port forwading on port 23. At the moment, your firewall on your router (NAT setup?) is probably blocking connections on port 23.

Unfortunately, doing this will leave open your port 23 for other to pop in.

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August 7, 2002 11:52:07 PM

is this accross a wan or lan?

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August 8, 2002 10:49:38 AM

also, What OS is each machine running?

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August 8, 2002 7:18:48 PM

it's a lan with internet connection thru a router. I'am not trying to TelNet the other computer...... but one have xp home the other has xp pro... if that makes any difference.

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August 9, 2002 10:42:16 AM

so you're trying to telnet FROM one of your local PC's (the home or pro) TO a machine on the Internet somewhere? If so, what does the config at the remote site look like?

BTW - details like this should really be included in the original post.

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August 9, 2002 11:04:35 AM

I don't know but it dosen't matter because i can't even TelNet my own router. which i have to do when i update the firmware. Something is very wrong here!

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August 9, 2002 11:33:36 AM

OK, now you're giving more useful details. Have you EVER successfully telnetted to your router? Which model is it? Maybe there's some config setting to enable/disable telnet?

BTW - if you're running any sort of server you can test whether telnet is working by telnetting to the particular port. e.g. if you're running an HTTP server you can type


And the server will "answer" the telnet. For HTTP you can type "HELO" and you should get a reply. If you're not behind a firewall you can even try this to like so:


type HELO and see if you get anything back

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August 9, 2002 9:27:55 PM

TelNet has never been successfull... I tried to TelNet without the router too, with no success... I know that my internet company allow TelNet, I hate this [-peep-].

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August 10, 2002 1:56:52 AM

what did you try to telnet to without the router?

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August 10, 2002 11:20:29 PM

I tried several adresses, now i also tried to TelNet Tomshardware when the router was disconnected... with no success!

Boa Was here
August 11, 2002 3:21:08 AM

can you give some more details? Did you try to telnet to port 80? or default 23? What was the error? Can you possibly cut and paste the session into a reply here?

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