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Why is it that nearly every Mac person I talk to has an elitist mindset when it comes to their brand of computer?
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  1. ^+1 Best answer ever.
  2. Some people are ignorant, and believe more money spent, must = better setup, which is definately not the case with Macs.
  3. Aoster87 said:
    Why is it that nearly every Mac person I talk to has an elitist mindset when it comes to their brand of computer?
    I'm sure a lot of Mac users ask the same question about PC users... ;)
  4. because mac users are the people who are too lazy to get off there ass and learn something about computers. Thats why if that kind of person got a virus on a pc...they'd end up throwing it out the window
  5. I would say that there are elitists on both sides of the PC / Mac discussion. What really gets me is that the staff at my college, specifically in my major's department, are all very outgoing about putting PC's down and Mac's up during class. It really bothers me that I have to listen to my professors day after day about how PC's are memory hogs, or that they couldn't grade something because their office PC "crashed".
  6. Fans? You need to blow the dust out of them. <g>
  7. Not going to lie, I opened this thread in the hopes that a Mac user had come here to complain about his Mac overheating.
  8. I too was fooled into thinking this was actually about air moving fans.
  9. How many people commenting actually OWN and USE both?
    Few id imagine.

    Bottom line is there is no definitive better or worse.

    Depending on what you use your system for, one will have clear advantages.

    Games. Pc. Duh. I can get more out of a $1,000 pc than i can out of a 3k Mac.
    Variety of s/ware, esp engineering. Pc for life.

    For creative work, photography in my case. Id rather use my Mac mini than a PC again.
    Likewise at work. When we ran PC's it seemed i spent half my time running around building, fixing, replacing any number of h/ware and s/ware issues.

    Sure Mac cost so much more, but its not like im looking behind the couch for spare change to afford things. My time is worth a lot, and id rather spend it making money or having fun than buggering around with broken things that shouldnt be.

    I love mac's and i love my pc. It would suck having to go without either.
  10. mrmez said:
    How many people commenting actually OWN and USE both?

    I do - got a couple of each but the Macs are getting on now. As a developer I'm constantly testing on both, and when stuff fails purely on one platform it's very useful to be able to debug on that platform instead of stabbing blindly on the other.

    However, as the Macs need replacing now I don't think I'll bother getting new Mac hardware - if the media industry is insistent that "they use Macs" then really it's OSX they use, and I'll just hack Tiger or something on to some new PC hardware to save some cash.

    I will always be PC-based for primary development.
  11. I concur with the last few statements: Macs and PC's do have their individual strong points, generally speaking. I admit I am biased towards PC's, as that's what I have always used. However, I have used Macs quite a bit when I was in school and there is nothing wrong with them.
  12. Meh... Macs are nothing special. People complain about Windows being a closed platform... but MS can't hold a candle to Apple's closed architechture. It's great for some people, I suppose, but it's not for me. The day that I NEED a Mac for anything is the day I need to give up using computers.
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