Can someone explain DRM/Securom to me?

Sunday was my birthday and I recently recieved a sum of money which I was planning to buy Crysis with ( I got new parts for my comp also :P) Now Crysis I heard doesn't use the DRM, but I know that Warhead does. I hate Secrurom and DRM but lets just say I am bored as hell and really wanted to put my new rig to the test.

Crysis:Warhead says that their is a 5 machine install limit. I see this on alot of games but I still don't completely understand and as much as I research it, nobody gives a straight answer.

Does a 5 machine install limit mean that I cannot install it on 5 seperate machines at the same times, without uninstalling it on atleast one? Or does it mean I can only install it on 5 machines (even if uninstall it) total? And does this apply to all games or just specific ones?

I know Warhead has a tool that can free up an install and that is the only reason I will even buy it, as much as it angers me. But I would really like to be able to understand this.

Sorry if this question is a bit confusing but...even DRM is confusing.
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  1. It means you can only install it 5 times before having to go to EA and kiss their @$$ to install it any more. It can also install a rootkit on your system that takes a full format and reinstall of Windows to get rid of. Plus that rootkit can destroy your install of Windows when it installs forcing you to reinstall Windows and everything from zero.

    This is why I don't buy EA products anymore. That included products from subsidy's like 2K Games and any games not developed but only published by EA or it's subsidy's. That includes games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins.

    Ubisoft also has it's "phone home" DRM that requires internet connectivity even if your playing single player. So now they are also on my boycott list.
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