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My brother bought Bioshock 2 (retail) for the PC. He's busy with another game, so I'm going to install it on my computer and then give it back to him to play on his own computer when I'm finished. The problem is I don't understand how GFWL works. Is it like Steam where the game will forever be tied to my GFWL account or can there be as many accounts as I want?

Basically I want to know if I can play the game with my account and then can my brother later play with his own account?
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  1. So no one actually owns this? I thought it was a fairly simple question. All anyone who owns it would have to do is create another profile on their Games for Windows Live and see if they can play on two accounts.
  2. you have to tie it to a GFWL account forever to play online or to save the game in single player.

    if you want to play your brother's game, you should assign it to his gfwl account and play it that way.
  3. So basically it's like Steam? What if I create a local profile and play it that way?
  4. nope, like steam. there is no legitimate way around it that i am aware of.

    i actually bought it on steam so the license key is tied to both my steam account first and then also gfwl.
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