What are your favorite Action/Adventure/"Hack 'N Slash" games?

Hey guys!

As some of you may know from a previous thread, I'm a WoW quitter and i'm looking into getting into some action/adventure/"hack'n slash" single player games.

So, as the topic says, list your favorite action/adventure/hack'n slash games and whatever details/explanations as to why those are your favorites!
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  1. My favorite game of all time is Fable, for sure. A little old, but well worth playing if you haven't.

    But as for some more recent offerings. Assassin's Creed was a lot of fun, the only thing is that it gets fairly repetitive. All the missions are generally similar, and for some reason with the exception of eavesdropping, most of the tactics are not at all subtle. Though, I could've just been playing wrong, hah! Well worth beating though, the story gets interesting.

    If you have a PS3, I highly recommend checking out Infamous. It has that morality counter, which changes the story of the game. Even though some of the choices are fairly obvious (ex. Using your powers to start a riot), it's pretty neat. The gameplay itself includes a little bit of everything, without feeling like the developer was trying to stuff everything in: Platformer, FPS, third person action.
  2. oblivion, hands down. great story with lots of side quests as well as an immense modding community (which I used to be a part of).
  3. i wouldnt personally class fable or oblivion in either of those categories but i can see what you mean.

    i really like dynasty warriors lol. devil may cry is meant to be epic too but i havent played them yet.

    i really like koei games they dont make many for pc though (DW is koei) if youre playing on pc im not sure but they make a ton for xbox - bladestorm and Ninety Nine Nights were my favourites for x360.
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