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I'm getting what seem like shockingly bad frames per second when playing a number of games. The most recent example would be Team Fortress 2 - with the rig below I average roughly 65-75fps @ 1680x1050, max AA/AF/textures etc. - my friend who runs the game with a gigabyte x58 mobo, the i7 920 and a GTX295 gets 500~...........why? how?!


Asus P6x58D Premium
6gb Corsair Dominator @ 1600 8-8-8-24
XFX 5970 @ 900/1200
i7 930 @ 4ghz
850w Silverstone PSU
HAF 932

Vertical sync is disabled in game - is there a global setting anywhere in CCC? Please someone ease my concerns, surely a system of the above standard should destroy something like TF2...

Thanks in advance.
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  1. well for a start i think steam games are locked at 300fps but i could be wrong. i say this as all the gc simulators u can run on games like half life max out at 300fps.

    i am suffering from the same problem as you. i got a 4870x2 and i was getting over 200fps at the same settings as you but now im getting at max 60fps, the only thing thats changed is my drivers for my gc so that leads me to believe its a graphics driver problem. wait till the next lot of drivers come out and give that a go and see if that improves anything.
  2. Seriously hope so, though I don't see how drivers could equate to such a huge difference in performance..

    I'm running 10.5 drivers at the moment, I was steered well clear of the 10.6.

    If you use the command fps_max you can set the FPS cap within any of the source engine games to whatever you like, there may be some upper, upper limit, but you can certainly get beyond 500.
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