Dont send error at every games

i have the same problem as the others i tried install : MIrrors's edge,prototype,prince of persia 4,prince of persia forgotten sands and have the same problem
i tried a defragmentation(C partition) but nothing happend as the same
Pls someone help us all
P.S : My specs

You Have: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+

You Have: 1.84 GHz Performance Rated at: 2.5024 GHz

You Have: 1.5 GB

You Have: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)

You Have: ATI display adapter AGP (0x95C6)
Ati radeon AH 3450
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  1. You have a very weak PC.It will not be able to run the games you've mentioned.That is why the error messages are popping up.
  2. It"s true your PC is really weak man...but still friend got intel g43 mb and he was able to run many of the latest games like prototype, re5 at lower resolution. In your case the processors is not good enough..
  3. hey you can try swift shader may work...but the frame rate will be low...
  4. how swift shader improves my games
    i mean does it makes to work or what it does?
  5. swift shader is a software just 3d analyzer ,if u are not familiar with either of these...these are used for running games without graphic card but don't expect much okk
    download these 2 from any of the sites friend was able to play crysis warhead on gmax4500 chipset using these software...
    have a great day...
  6. can you give me a link\url to download that "swift shader" program? and some instructions
    thank you,deiu
    just copy the 3 files contained in the directory where you have installed the game...
    but still don't hope any magic from it may work or not...
  8. 404-Page not found :|
  9. on the same page type swiftshader in the search menu
  10. can you give me an Y! id? or skype? to contact you if something don't works good?
    My : Skype : deiu95
    Y! :
  11. take my gmail id ...
    as i don't use any other mailsites...
  12. Guys, stop it. He has a DX10 capable card; weak, but the games should at least RUN, so thats not the problem. Likewise, the CPU is weak, but should be supported...

    I need more info: Are the games failing to install, or are they crashing at launch/in-game?
  13. the gc that he has also really weak and cannot run either of the games, many people having same problem with same games so it is obvious ...
  14. No its not. Sure, the PC is weak, but the OP is saying the games won't even install (as I understand him at least). And the games should at least RUN, which apparently they are not.
  15. the games install in that fellows system but they don't run and stops with an don't send error which we know is due to lack of hardware compatibility ...he has send me some footage of the error...
  16. make sure directx is upto date
  17. if not directX ,, use to get errors all the time on athlon xp, usually a stability problem and also can be the order your ram sticks are installed
  18. may be installing new latest ati drivers can help....
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