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So, I just recently built a new computer with an i7 and 5870 and I was just offered a Xbox 360 with a 20GB hard drive (will upgrade to a 120) with 5 games for $175. At first I figured, hey, might as well cause I got a lot of friends that play on live and not many that play PC.. but now I'm starting to think about it a little more. I would most definitely have a use for it watching movies from my PC to the TV in the living room but that's it streaming wise because I have a 28in monitor right across from my bed.

Another thing I was thinking about was the fact that there's quite a few 360 exclusive games.. but then I really got to lookin and there's really not that many. The first game I would purchase would be Red Dead Redemption but if I really wanted to I'm sure I could wait for the PC release for that...

Anybody got any other features I could use it for? I'd really like to buy one just to have it but it's quite a bit of money just to be blowing on something that I'm not sure if I will get much use out of.

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  1. never buy a xbox 360 used always buy new and always buy a warranty. SO if u get redring which you probally will then you can return to the store and they will give u a new one if you didnt know red rings is a system failure on the xbox 360 that happens when it overheats and the little chips pops out of place. also xbox 360s have dropped the brand new slim 360 is only 300 with 250gb harddrive and built in wifi also the elite is 200 and the arcade 150
    hope this helps
    also about the xbox exclusives games their is a good amount liek halo 3 and reach is comming out in the winter also gears 2 and 3 is comming out soon also you could buy kinect(hands free gaming) on november 4
  2. Well the reason I wanted to buy a used one is because the guy is going to let me pay him over a period of time, as dumb as that sounds lol. And if it does red ring isn't that simply a re-soldering job? But knowing that the elite is only 200 brand new I might go with that.. I just thought it was a good deal seeing as it comes with a few games.
  3. just pretend to yourself youre going to buy it then save the money up and buy a new one lol.

    also someone might correct me here but as far as im aware the 360 elites dont have the red ring problem, ive had mine uhhh over 2 years and it hasnt skipped a beat. i wouldnt worry about losing out on the 5 games either, 2nd hand games are fine and are so cheap.
  4. The Elite's should be free from RROD. They have the new revision with a 65nm CPU and improved heat sinks (as compared to the 90nm Xenon's and badly designed heat sinks). They use less electricity and therefore, generate less heat. If you want to go used I would:
    A-Buy an elite used (ie Amazon) with the nice 120gb hard drive
    B-Buy the MS refurbished Pro from gamestop which comes with a 1 year MS warranty
    Unless wireless is something you need (which I would not do because of lag) then go new because the newest Xbox's have a built in Wireless N adapter. But I strongly suggest you go Ethernet.

    Here is an excellent article on the difference is the Xbox CPU's and how to tell which ones have the Jasper chips, and which have the Falcons, or even worse the dreaded Xenon's.

    To be clear, some of the regular white one's come with newer chips, but if it was me I would just assume all white Xbox's contain Xenon's.
    Xbox's with Xenon's do NOT have HDMI cables, so if that's important you need a Falcon or Jasper. (You can still get HD through a component, but some people really want HDMI for some reason)
    Also, when buying used always get the cables with it. On ebay some come with just consoles, and buy the time you get the cables you're at the price of a new one.
    If your Xbox dies and it is not covered by warranty you're looking at roughly $70 to get it fixed.
  5. I got a Preown'd Elite from a gaming store for $279Aus, with 12month warrenty. atm its pretty sweet, just figuring out how to get my PC internet connection to it, since I dont have a router or a lan cable
  6. my friend had an elite and it just got RROD a few days ago....he didn't have a warranty so he bought the new version of the xbox.
  7. It is handy for me to have my 360 connected to my TV. I can stream movies, music, photos, etc to my TV through my 360, in addition to using it as a gaming platform.

    If the 360 has been being well taken care of, and has had little to light use, it might be a very good deal to pick up.
  8. 1 word = NO :non:
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