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I am a huge fan of the survival horror franchise STALKER, and I heard that there are several more titles for this franchise planned for release other than the Three already. Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, and Call of Pripyat.

I've heard rumors of a STALKER "things apocalyptic" as well as porting the current games for the consoles. Call of Pripyat was NOT the last installment in this franchise.

I'd like to see them change the game engine. I would also like to travel back to the Chernobyl NPP in a future STALKER game. Perhaps we'll get to see the control room, the turbine hall, or the other reactor rooms.

Any official word yet on future STALKER titles?
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  1. hope you are right, enjoying cop at the moment having replayed or restarted the first two.
  2. Chances are it's not done yet. Since it is a popular game as it is, it might be a long long series.

    But from experience with the game, I can't personally say since before I never had the PC that could handle it with a puny GeForce 6800. Now I can :D
  3. I enjoyed the 3 games so far, good graphics, good gameplay, but I have one question... whats the point in the games? by this I mean storyline? is there a story line?

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