Question about What hard drive in need for new pc to play ffxiv

I am looking at buying new pc to play ffxiv on. I am looking at at least 2.66GHz quad core processor, 4 Gb ddr3 ram, and probably a nvidia 460 1Gb graphics card. So my question is do I NEED a SSD to play the game without trouble or would the 1Tb 64 M cache, 7200 rpm 6.0 Gb/s drive work fine?
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  1. a ssd would only help with loading the game, so a 1tb drive is probably a better, cheaper choice for you
  2. Ok thanks. So my setup should be more than enough to play without lag and such? (obviously not including Internet lag). Mainly I want to max out graphics and watch on 42inch 1080p tv. So that is what I am shooting for. Thinking about going with gtx 465 superclocked if neccesary
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