I am desperate, HELP!!!

First, this should probably be in a different forum, but it would seem the gurus that have answered my questions before seem to post here. Sorry, but the subject says it all. The Sound Card and CD/DVD boards are fairly lacking in activity.

Here's my system: LAN Party UT nF3 Gb (nForce 3 250 Gb chipset); 128 MB Geforce 6800, Athlon 64 3000+, 1024 MB RAM, Win XP Home w SP 2. All hardware has the latest drivers, Windows has the latest updates. I had some time ago stopped using the onboard sound, disabled it in BIOS, and installed an SB Live 5.1 I had. It worked just fine.

My wife bought me an Audigy 2 ZS. I uninstalled the Creative bloatware, which uninstalls the card as well, and put in the Audigy 2. During installation the CD would start spinning, the background would turn black, the taskbar was still visible. Then the disc would stop spinning and I would get an exception error. It sounded like the drive kept trying to access the disc but couldn't. I tried the Audigy in every PCI slot and the same thing occured. This occured also when I tried to reinstall the SB Live. It had worked fine before this.

At first I thought the Creative uninstall had messed up the drive, but I think it is an issue with the drive itself. The uninstallation of the sound cards was coincidental. The DVDRW/CDRW drive is a Lite On SOW 832S. It is fairly new.

I post this because I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the issue is the sound card, or the drive. And what can i do to get the drive up and running? The autoplay was working intermittently. It fired up Far Cry and Civ 3, but not Doom 3. It's very strange.
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  1. Check your audigy cd for warpage. I once bought a video card with a new driver cd in a sealed box that was so warped that I couldn't even install the driver, and had to download it off nvidia's website.
  2. I think I just fixed it. For some reason Windows took it upon itself to change the transfer mode to PIO. The drive is capable of DMA UDMA etc. I set it to let the BIOS choose the transfer rate. It is now at UDMA 33 and I think we're in business.

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  3. If Windows XP encounters more than 4 (I believe) read errors with a UDMA device it will automatically switch the device from UDMA to PIO.
    Do a google for Windows XP UDMA or Windows XP PIO or something, you should get the story how to fix it.
    It's not uncommon to get a really low quality cd with hardware, just download the drivers, that way you will also get more recent drivers, like stated before. The cd probably caused the read errors.
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