NON combat RPG?

Hi Guys. I've been visiting Tom's for ever, but have never dipped into the forums. Now it's time to see what you guys can do!

I need to find a game...a game for my girlfriend.
About her gaming history:
- Sims 2 and 3 for hours.
- Really short stint at Oblivion ("The horses don't look realistic enough" ...SIGH)
- then...yes, WoW. Level 80 Mage in T9-T10 gear. Good dps.

BUT...the problem is, what I call, the Farmville effect.

"Why can I not just pick flowers in WoW? and why can my alchemy only go to level 450? why can I not do alchemy AND blacksmithing AND herbalism, why...etc, etc."

Furthermore, the BIGGEST criteria is: "I don't want to have to fight everything, what about diplomacy?"

So...I need to find a game that has decent graphics (because she is used to them now), NO (or very little) combat and a peaceful crafting/social/farming style game. At best with little fury animals that you can tame (her WoW hunter got to level 40 before she stopped).

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  1. Second Life?
  2. hey! this actually looks good. she's trying it as we speak. TY!

    any more recommendations? I does NOT have to be multiplayer (online) at all! Imagine an Oblivion with NO bad guys. jsut farming and riding and lame stuff like that! anything else out there?
  3. Harvest moon?

    Though you'll have to get a console of some kind
  4. My story is very similar to yours my boyfriend always plays video and computer games and i need games to play too! i love the game wizard101 its a pretty cool online game where you go to wizarding school learn spells grow plants and have pets that you take care of! you can also buy houses and clothes and decorate them any way you want :)
  5. Harvest Moon springs to mind, nice RPG with a cartoony style and cute animals.
  6. A TALE IN THE DESERT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I would like to offer up Miasmata, although not entirely without hesitation.

    The game consists of exploring an island, mapping it out by lining up identified landmarks, collecting various plants in order to find the right combination to make a cure for a plague that has infected you. You have to drink water every now and again, and try not to stumble yourself over a cliff (this can be more difficult than it sounds). And that's about it, no fighting whatsoever, lots of exploring, fun times with plants.

    The catch: There is a strange cat-like beast on the island. Just one, sometimes you can go for days on end without seeing it. But when it's near, you can hear your pulse pounding, you twist around trying to figure out where it is and if it has seen you. You dive into the brush and try to hide. When you realize it's moving right towards you, you have to decide if you wait it out or take off running. There is absolutely nothing you can do to fight the beast. Usually I run, trying my best to not stumble and fall down into a ravine. I try to stick to the path, but somehow manage to get lost, and just run until the pounding of my heart goes silent.

    At this point I'm lost, in unexplored territory, so my location marker doesn't even show up on my map. I probably fell at least once, so my plague is acting up, and my vision will randomly blur. I need to find some water and a place to rest, and it's getting dark...

    If you can get through some incredibly tense moments, it has some extremely rewarding gameplay. Half the people I have shown it to end up declaring it to be too intense or scary for them after their first few run ins with the beast. It also tends to need a pretty powerful computer if you want to turn up any of the eye candy and have it run well.
  8. I would suggest "Runescape" There are many females that play this game. Some are "Older" like me. I have made several friends there. Even on the free servers....she could do Woodcutting, Smithing, Crafting, etc. If she decides to become a member...she could do Farming, Fletching, Construction and many other Non-Combat related skills. I myself do not like combat either. I enjoy playing as an escape and for fun only. I leave fighting for the guys...(Although there are quite a few gals that have something to prove..LOL) I'm not one of them ;-)

    Good luck...
    Runescape is a great game for couples...especially if one is a fighter and the other is a "Skiller". I like to try to stay a Lvl's difficult to a nice challenge.
  9. I cant move my fingers quick enough for most modern games - so I am in same boat - Try ANNO 1701 and go into settings to untic pirates and other such things and just run it as a world builder - also tic the little box to stop house auto upgrading until you have built up enough recources. It may be a bit slow but you can always press the + key on number pad to speed up between building. May try 2701 but put of by DRM as I don't like being online all the time and don't want to increase my download allowance more than the 40Gb I already have as I rarely get anwhere near it..
  10. Minecraft. Set it to peaceful to remove the fighting/monsters.
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