Age Of Mythology on low-end notebook

Recently, a friend of mine bought an HP Pavilion DV2 and asked me to install some games etc. on it since he bought one of the models without an external disk drive. One of the games he asked me to install for his younger brother was the Age of Mythology expansion pack.

I am able to get the original installed and updated, but I am unable to update the expansion. It installs properly, but when I try to start up the game and use the in-game updater, I am able to see the opening cinematic(s), then I get a message that says "Initialization Failed" when the game itself should be starting up. What I don't understand is why the expansion does not work when the original does. Please help.
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  1. Ok, sorry to bother everyone, I was finally able to get it working. I installed and opened the game for the first time before I rebooted. From here I updated. I have yet to see if I can open the program again after rebooting, but I am hopeful
  2. Ok, yes it works after rebooting. Probably just some small issue
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