Hacked WoW account, need help!

Here's my situation:

This is the first time in 4 years of playing WoW that i've been hacked.

I tried to log into my account the other day and there was an authenticator on the account that I did not put on the account, (so obviously I don't know the code to it.) So I looked at my armory and sure enough, my gear is all gone!

I've tried e-mailing Blizzard's website that they say to e-mail to from your registered e-mail adress, using my battle.net e-mail adress (the e-mail I use to log on to battle.net), and have had no reply in a week, but I don't think that is the e-mail adress that is technically registered as my e-mail adress. I don't know what e-mail adress they have as my registered account because I made the account 4 years ago when I was 16 and had no real e-mail adress (I probably made a hotmail account just for the account, so I have absolutely no idea what the adress is) I've tried calling their number for the past week but the automated line just tells me that the que is full and to try later.

I can't post on the technical support forums because my account is hacked and I don't have another acocunt to post on.

What do I do?

Feel free to armory my toon Bürt (shaman, dawnbringer) to see for yourself!
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  1. Summarized version:

    Account got hacked

    Unauthorized authenticator now on account

    Don't know the registered e-mail adress
  2. Call the support phone number, it always works, just have you secret answer available and that's it.

    Forums/Emailing for this is stupid, it takes way too long, while the phone procedure is almost instant...other than the 1 hour wait time. But still, it's better.


    Call this number down here .

    Phone: 1-800-592-5499
    Hours: 7AM – 8PM Pacific Time, seven days a week

  3. And you can recover all your gear/items/gold, don't worry about that, you just need to contact a GM ingame and tell them the date you were hacked. But once again, this process takes some time.
  4. I actually got an e-mail a few minutes ago!

    I tried calling them all morning and i couldn't get through because the que was full, but it doesn't really matter any more!
  5. So what does the email say?
  6. When it comes to calling you have to see their calling hours, thats the issue probably. But yeah whenever you faced something like a hacked WoW account or Steam account, etc. contact the support via phone call, email or support forum on their website ASAP.
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