My team fortress 2 wont work right how do i fix video card problems

my computer is dated back to 2005, its a dimension B110 from dell. When i run it on steam, it says unsupported video card. Which make sense since the game was realesed in 2007. I can run the game to the open screan, but the music shudders when i click on somthing. i have not yet been able to play a game, only get to the server select panel, then it loads the freezes and crashes. But i dont think that the video card is the problem, but im not a computer guy, if anyone can help or needs more info, leave me an email at (not the real email, do to spammers) Thankyou, i really want to play, god hopes that people reads this and goes to this site
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  1. Well chuckles. It seems that you may need a new computer.
  2. +1. Or at least a new video card...
  3. agreed. The source engine is virtually flawless. Your pc is likely at fault.

    don't know what is in a b110, but its probably not going to run tf2 well. Buy an xbox if your poor or build a new pc for $600
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