How to force 1080p resolution as games have black edges

hello all,

I was playing war craft 3 frozen throne...its an old game i know but i kinda like it. problem is that its supporting only 1280x 1024.
while my screen is 1920 x 1080 so i get all black edges...
Is there any way of stretching it.? i am using a nvidia card!

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  1. Go to your LCD monitor settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. There are four different scaling options, one of which will always stretch the game to fill the screen. I can't remember the exact one.
  2. It supports 1920x1080 too but you have to manually set it.To do it run regedit,find blizzard entertainment in hkey_current_user,click it and find video.Click video and and click the reswidth command.Change the the base from hexademical to decadical and change the value to 1920.Then,click resheight and do the above but change the value to 1080.It should be displayed at 1920x1080 now.
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