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I have a pretty stupid question..or what could appear to be so.
I just started playing arma 2 for the first time. Never played an arma game before.
I noticed the game has lousy performance on my system..980x 4 gig 5970..etc.
was told it was just a buggy game..

my quesiton is..the game runs ok.. but I cant seem to figure out how the heck to get into the tank??
pretty stupid question but I know there is a learning curve here too..

any ideas?

thank you
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  1. goto the right side of the tank then you see the Steering icon .. press enter and u have in it. Wanna play with me ??
  2. Arma2 is absolutely terrible. They get everything absolutely perfect, except for the fact that everyone lags/skips/warps around so that you can't hit a damn thing. Dont dare trying to snipe someone with a 5 round clip.

    The controls are overcomplicated, but if you stick with the game for a few missions you learn it pretty fast.

    My advice is to get bfbc2 until battlefield 3 comes out. I doubt bohemia will fix the net code in the foreseeable future.

    all they have to do is fix the net code and at least thousands of people would get back into it and or buy it new.
  3. I'm running it with a GTX 480 (really overclocked) and an X6 1055T @ 3.2GHz. Yeah on highest I get around 20 frames probably around, but it amazingly still runs smooth. The game is really optimized so badly, one of the worst I've seen, but the gameplay is some of the best ever which makes up for it.

    When it comes to the tank, its usually the right side, but you just have to move around till you see an icon appear in the center of your screen such as a driver's wheel or an iron sight.
  4. Bohemia should adpt the controls of EA. Just like in BF2 .. controls for Vehicls are awesum and easy to drive. and for the Aircrafts ... it should be like Jane`s USAF...remember it??
  5. omg yes. Janes series was so leet. I bought it up like ramen noodles. Way before its time.
  6. I think the controls are easy as hell. Then again I learn quick lol
  7. in ARMA2 OA.. its hard man :S
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