build a new system or upgrade????

My dilemma is this...I have a desktop which is about 4 yrs old and I want to try to upgrade it primarily to use for making music. It's a gateway and the packing slip says it has: an AMD Athlon 800mhz (w/ performance enhancing cache memory), 128MB module, 32MB NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 M64 Graphics Accelerato, 20GB 7200RPM Qtm ATA66 Hard Drive, 12X/40X DVD ROM drive, and a 8x/4x/32x cd rw. Should I just add some new memory to it or would it be better to build a new system all together, and if so, what parts of the old system would be transferable to a new system which would be based around an AMD athalon 64 3000+ socket 939 processor?
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  1. about the only thing I would keep is the num lock key. After 4 years, that would be the only thing that wasn't worn out. For a lot of applications though, that is still an okay system. See if you can borrow another stick of ram, just to see how much it helps. If you really want to upgrade then, go to a local comp shop, and play on a new rig. Then you will be willing to pop for the whole bundle.
    BTW, there are a few places that will take your old rig, for charity, and give you a tax receipt.
  2. Any parts you do take would just cause your new PC to run slower than it should. Much easier to go out and buy a whole new machine. Then you have an old machine as a 2nd PC or sell/give away.
  3. OK, now I'm thinking building a new system is the way to go. If you haven't guessed already, this will be my first. What I want to use is an AMD Athalon64 3000+ with a socket 939. I was also considering a Seagate barracuda harddrive, but I'm not sure which MOBO would be the best bet for the 64 processor. Is it a good idea to get a 64bit board? The board I was looking at is the Gigabyte "GA-K8NS ultra socket 939" w/ a NVIDIA NForce3-ultra chipset. AS far as monitor, keyboard, and mouse, i'm going to keep my old hardware. Thanks for all your suggestions!
  4. If you punch up the memory to 256, 384, or 512mb you can surf the WEB OK. Just barely OK. Too many Java and Gif files loading all the time for that system to cope with. You can get about 100 bucks for it on E-Bay.

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  5. new plan...decided my budget is about $800. I bought an amd sempron 3000+, asus a7n8x-e deluxe mobo, seagate barracuda 120GB s-ata hard drive, and an antec low end case. Gaming and 3d graphics aren't too important for my purposes so I'm thinking of getting the ATi-Radeon 9200 128mb, will this card work with my board? Also, what's a good modem?
  6. Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    9600Pro at least. Spend a hundred bucks on a good graphics card anyway! You'll be unhappy if you don't. Why on earth did you buy a Semperon?

    Abit IS7 - 3.0C @ 3.6ghz - Mushkin PC4000 (2 X 512) - Sapphire 9800Pro - TT 420 watt Pure Power
    Samsung 120gb ATA-100 - Maxtor 40gb ATA - 100
    Sony DRU-510A - Yellowtail Merlot
  7. you're right! Why did I buy a sempron? it would be worth it to pay the extra dough for a 64. anyway, it doesn't matter funds have decided for me that now isn't the right time to build the system I had in mind, so I returned all of the components and got my money back. Thanks for all the help anyway.
  8. Hey !

    Well since i'm in pretty much alike situation than knowwhatnow*, i was wondering why so many guy with more hardware experience say it's a big mistake not to spend *at least* $100 on a GPU card.

    What about a guy like me who spends 80 hours a week on his computer, working on code (30+ hours) on web/emails/office (30H) and remastering watching audio/video (20H in front of the PC + many hours while sleepin' ;) ? Yeah that's less than 1% playing 3D games #-)

    * All that on a Windows or Linux (90%) box.

    Why should he spare $ for the graphics, when he could spend it for a better CPU/RAM/Mobo/Display ?

    Pardon me but that's really a question to me.

    Happy New Year to you guys !! (guess i'm just in time though)

    Internet <=> Share all we can.
  9. because sometime, here, peoples just want others to built the system they dream to have themself instead of being realist and listen to the guy's needs.

    You dont need a fantastic 3d card for your need, but you'll still want a recent card if you are watching movies because newer card, as the radeon 9x00 and up contain special hardware that enhence image quality while watching movie. The 45$ Radeon 9200se is a good example, with a TV out, perfect for just displayint something and watching movies.

    But if you play game a bit, then something faster will be advisable, but there again, it depend of the games you play. New 3d games needs more power that 2-3 years old 3d games...

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  10. This seems very wise said. Thank you Pat

    I've also been said that new Radeon 9200 is kind of fair GPU for --as you pointed out-- non-3D users. + i need a VIVO card.
    I'm tented to upgrade to this card... but since ATI's drivers suck a good deal while running Linux boxes, therefore i may take a look on its Nvidia "equivalents" (VIVO).

    Internet <=> Share all we can.
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