Make something with this junk!

I’ve got a few remnants of gear from former upgrades and other sources that are currently lying around doing nothing and I’m looking at what to do with it all. How about some suggestions of what to build and/or use it for? I don’t wanna spend a lot of cash to add much, though I’d obviously need to buy a few bits and pieces I guess.

A possible idea is to setup a server for a small network. I’m also considering looking into linux about which I know nothing (though maybe not on the server for my first attempt!). Also my g/f who lives with me could do with her own PC. Any other ideas? Excite me! I haven’t messed around with any of my computer gear for ages!

I do plenty of P2P downloading and a fair bit of gaming.

<i>Parts lying around or accessible:</i>

<b>CPU:</b> PIII Celeron 733MHz
<b>CPU:</b> PIV 2.0a
<b>HSF:</b> Intel Stock PIV
<b>Mobo:</b> MSI GNB Max FISR (MS-6565) E7205 Chipset
<b>Mobo:</b> Gigabyte P4 Titan 667 GA-8Sg667 SIS 648+SIS963
<b>Mobo:</b> Asus CUV4X-E (Unstable)
<b>Memory:</b> 256mb PC2100
<b>Memory:</b> 1.5gb (3* 512mb) Corsair XMS DDR PC2700
<b>Memory:</b> 512mb (1* 256mb, 1* 128mb, 2* 64mb) PC133
<b>PSU:</b> Unknown 230W

<i>My PC from which I could maybe scavenge the odd component:</i>

<b>CPU:</b> Intel PIV 2.6b
<b>HSF:</b> <A HREF=" 4 Lite&PHPSESSID=a25bfde7b2fb97a005c55c88f24ba817" target="_new">Aero 4 Lite DI4-7J74F</A>
<b>Mobo:</b> <A HREF=" 478" target="_new">ABit IS7-G</A>
<b>Memory:</b> 2Gb (4* 512Mb) Corsair TwinX-XL, DDR, PC3200XLPT, CAS 2
<b>Graphics Card:</b> <A HREF="" target="_new">Hercules Radeon 9700 Pro</A>
<b>Soundcard:</b> <A HREF="" target="_new">Santa Cruz SonicFury 5.1</A>
<b>Hard drives:</b> 4* <A HREF="" target="_new">WD 72Gb Raptor</A>, 2* <A HREF="" target="_new">WD 120 Gb Caviar</A>
<b>RAID Card:</b> <A HREF="" target="_new">Highpoint RocketRAID 1640</A> (4-channel SATA)
<b>CD-R/W:</b> <A HREF="" target="_new">Yamaha CRW-F1</A>
<b>DVD-ROM:</b> Hitachi GC7000
<b>PSU:</b> <A HREF="" target="_new">Enermax 480W 485AX-VHB-G-SFMA</A>
<b>Case:</b> <A HREF=" Master&PHPSESSID=050bb12f39f1e149c877683edf6b297e" target="_new">Coolermaster Wavemaster Tac-T01-EK</A>
<b>Monitor:</b> Iiyama 1451 Visionmaster
<b>Audio:</b> <A HREF="" target="_new">Cambridge Audio Azur 540r</A>, <A HREF="" target="_new">CelestionAVF302</A> & <A HREF="" target="_new">Celestion AVP303</A>
<b>Input:</b> <A HREF=",CRID=486,CONTENTID=7321" target="_new">Logitech diNovo Media Desktop</A>
<b>OS:</b> <A HREF="" target="_new">WinXP Pro</A>, <A HREF="" target="_new">SP2</A>, DX9.0c
<b>Misc:</b> 2*<A HREF=" 3&PHPSESSID=15a656403666888fd19939d1ccf1ed56" target="_new"> CoolDrive 3 DHC-U43</A>

<A HREF="" target="_new">My Rigs</A>
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  1. I would keep your current rig but put the best northwood you can afford, a DVD burner instead of the cd burner and a top of line video card as the ATI x800 serie or nvidia 6800 already have a nice system, that will make it better, Sell your old parts to cover the upgrade cost

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  2. The 733 or better would make a nice server or download platform. I wouldn't be frightened of leaving it on all day in case ur not home when an electrical storm is happening or something.

    So suggest:

    1) Download platform
    2) Linux server (ftp, telnet, file, http)
    3) I really like this one: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    and we're TEAM 40051 if u want to kick in.

    The loving are the daring!
  3. The 2.0A might be able to run at 2.66B speed using the GA-8SG667 at 1.70v core (use CTL-F1 to access overclocking features from inside the BIOS GUI) and PC2100 RAM synchronously (set at DDR266/133MHz clock).

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