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I have an ABIT NF7 Sv2 to be installed on a new case and I need to konw if I can install it without touching the BIOS setup from the manufacturer and let the motherboard detect all the components automatically into the default settings or I really need to update the BIOS.

I am a gamer but not a harcore one...however I am building this computer to be able to play the latest games like HL2 etc.

I purchased this motherboard 6 months ago(brand new) and just now I am able to install it.

My system:

Mobo NF7 Sv2
CPU AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Barton
Video Card Ati Radeon 9800Pro 128 megs 256 bits
Hard Drive WD 120 gigs
Mem. 512 megs Corsair DDR 400 Pc 3200
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  1. Yes you can install it and let it auto detect. I have the same motherboard. I suggest going into the bios and turning off the AGP fastwrites and disabling the SATA controller if your hard drive is not SATA, it just helps the system boot up a little quicker.

    Xaser 3 case with 420W TT PSU
    AXP2500 (11*200 at 1.85v)
    9800 Pro 128MB (418/372)
    NF7-S v2.0
    PDP DDR400 1GB(2-3-2-5)2.6v
    Lite-On SOHW-832S
    WD 80GB 8mb buffer caviar edition.
  2. Yes, you can. I've done the installing new Windows without flashing to a new BIOS (is that what you meant, right?) on Abit NF7-S (rev2.0) and Barton 2500+.

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  3. How do you get into the BIOS to disable the AGP fastwritte and the SATA ?
  4. This motherboard comes with SATA drivers in a CD (to be installed).
    My HD is not I have to install the SATA driver?
  5. Skip the F6 option (for special driver installs) during windows setup if you don't intend to use sata or raid for your hardrive(s). To get into the bios when you first post, your system may ask you to use F1. You can also use the "del" key if you don't see any messages during post. The bios screen is blue, with about a dozen sections. Use the "integrated peripherals" section to disable sata (may already be disabled by default). Use "advanced chipset features" to possibly disable fast writes. Some bios' don't even list it. I strongly advise you to read the motherboard manual cover to cover before adjusting the bios. You may also go to a website called "adrian's rojac pot", an excellent source for bios information.
  6. thanks guys
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