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what are the specs for crysis 2? will it be playable on a quad core intel q8400 with nvidia 9600 gso.

how about 1440*900 at high or mid settings.
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  1. your processor is cool but your 9600gso won't be enough to play crysis 2 on1440*900 at high or mid settings and these are the minimum requirement for crysis ...and i hope you know when you have minimum req but you can only play it at lower settings for sure.........
  2. Mine is xfx 9600 gt but with 48 shaders. It is a green edition card Model T96g-ynf3. will i be able to play atleast 1280*960

    at high settings?
  3. if you are ready to compromise with your resolution than i think it is possible my friend.......
  4. is there even any point playing crysis on low settings?
    Crysis gameplay on its own isnt as spectacular as its graphics.
  5. Well if you spent the money and find out you cant run it, then you might as well run it on the lowest graphics.

    But yeah, your graphics card won't run it well. The CPU should get you by on the CPU end though. I don't know what Direct X version it'll be (Maybe 11 only, or combo 9/10/11)?
  6. well I have a phenom X4 9750, 4Gb DDR2, and a HD4890 1Gb, and i can play crysis warhead in 1650 x 1050 all max 8xAA, but the FPS in some scenarios give me 15 fps max and it makes a little slow (only in some scenarios in all give me 25-30fps), I think crysis 2 will be more GPU eater and with the 9600 i doubt you can run it in medium resolution, i think you can get a 9800 gtx+ for better results, with the 1440x900 you will be fine, but only playing the game we can see if it's enough GPU. (i doubt my 4890 can handle it at max settings maybe a 5870 or gtx480 will be fine, but $$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  7. you should get atlease hd 4870 and minimum 4 gb ram to play crysis 2 at max..... at 1650x1050.... by searching out new games spec. if crysis 2 comes only with dx11 as AVP then you will have to get atleast hd 5770....
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