Ffxiv ans sli/xfire

does anyone know if ffxiv will support xfire or sli??

iv read 5970s aren't doing so well because its not using the 2nd gpu

whats funny is my build is either going to be sli or single 5970 (i guess its xfire) so its like i cant win either way with this game at this point.
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  1. i have the retail (got the collectors ed. today) no... it dose not have support for SLI/Xfire :(
  2. what wtf is wrong with them
  3. maby it has something to do with it also being a ps3 game ?? idk its pretty stupid to come out with a game nowadays that dosnt support sli/xfire

    ill tell you what though when it comes out (non collectors edition) ima try to play it on my hp envy 17 regardless of graphics options at long as i can play it on 720 or 1080. see what that 5850 mobile can do lol
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