Whats bottlenecking me in GTA IV?

I dont understand why im getting such low fps,
I have...

i7 930 @ 2.80-2.90ghz (stock)
6gb ddr3
ATI 5970
Gigabyte ud3r

Any ideas? I get like 10 - 30 fps outside.
Do i need to overclock my cpu?

Thanks :)
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  1. What settings are you running on? I have

    2.7ghz AMD Athlon II x3 Rana 425
    3 GB DDR2 memory
    an 8600GT 512mb DDR2 (yes horrible card but hey, all I could afford at the time and I have to get a sound card first.)

    I got everything running on high with 30 frames (except textures quality which is on medium because it won't let me get high)
  2. Everything max with vsync off because it can allow me (2gb of vram) but im quite sure my cpu is lagging it.
  3. In reality your CPU shouldn't be bottlenecking. Say if you had 3 5970s or 3 480s, then yeah it's gonna bottleneck. I have a feeling you have a defective piece of hardware possibly, but anyone else correct me if I'm wrong. Or maybe your card isn't working like it should with a driver or the such possibly.

    How good can you run other games? (i.e. Modern Warfare 2, Bad Company 2, etc. some high graphics demanding games)
  4. Quote:
    why do u even try running that game.That game was not meant to be played on pc it is only developed to be played on ps3.

    Because there is a PC version and some people prefer not to console game?
  5. I have both console and pc. I got it on pc for the mods actually, because the console version gets boring after awhile. Anyway im running on 1440x900, *** compaq screen haha. And i have only recently purchased this computer so i havnt played COD or Bad company 2 sorry..
  6. just apply patch 1.6 u will gain some good fps......
  7. yes, i agree with rohn_avni, the game was coded very poorly from the console version to the pc version and the patch will certainly help, as it did my gamesply and FPS!

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