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Well, basically I install the game then StarForce (the protection thingy for the game) says to reboot for a complete install. So I do then Startup Repair runs (cannot get out of it once it does like other times) and it uninstalls Lockdown. I've followed various steps from the StarForce support team but have failed.

Such as making sure the game is ticked "run in admin", then installing their updater from their website, then rebooting, then rebooting via that starforce thing that is causing the issue once trying to run the game, etc. But then Windows 7 isn't compatiable with it, then again Windows 7 isn't compatiable with any version before 5.5 of StarForce Protection GUI Module. StarForce said then I can try to remove the files for the protection which I did, then the game won't even run at all nor will StarForce. And Ubisoft (I hate all these publisher support teams so much) said they can't do anything to help even though StarForce said that a patch to run the game CAN be made from the publisher who has the legal rights to do so.

I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to bypass this? Maybe run the game without StarForce Protection? Or with it and compatiable with Win7?
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  1. To remove all protection components:

    Download the zip-archive of the SFREMOVE utility.

    Unpack the archive and save the sfdrvrem.exe file to some folder on a hard disk.

    Run sfdrvrem.exe.

    Follow the displayed instructions
  2. Yeah I've already done that. This is also what StarForce said to do as well so I gave it a 2nd go. Must be a way to bypass it or something though....
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