New CPU on an Old Motherboard

Would I be able to put a new CPU in my computer? I have an 800Mhz cpu at the moment! I'm pretty sure I can't put anything higher on it!

My motherboard is really old, it's about 5 -7 years old! All I can see on it is, it's an ASUS and it's got CUV4X! Could you please direct me, to where I should look for the model number?
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  1. OK, I ran CPU-Z and this is what it came up with for my motherboard.
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  2. and this is my current cpu

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  3. Your board natively supports Coppermine PIII's up to 1000EB speed (1GHz with 133MHz FSB).

    Your board supports Tualatin Celerons and PIII's by using <A HREF="" target="_new">This $5 Adapter</A>

    That particular adapter has voltage and bus speed detection jumpers on it, so if you wanted to save money by getting a Tualatin Celeron 1100, you could force it to 1.65v and 133MHz FSB (1466MHz) using the jumpers.

    PIII Tualatins are fairly high priced, the biggest performance advantage they have over Tualatin Celerons is the bus speed. A Tualatin Celeron (256k cache), when forced to 133MHz FSB, can nearly equal the performance of a PIII with 256k cache.

    Lot of people have Tualatin Celeron 1200's at 1600MHz using a 133MHz FSB.

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  4. Thanks a lot
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