Resident evil 5 is missing a file

i downloaded re5 from steam and apparently its missing files that cause it to crash... when its loading one of the levels it gets an error that says it can't open: c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\resident evil 5\nativepc\sound\bgm\oto\door\elvdoor_cl.sngw

can someone upload this file somewhere or tell me where to get it... i'd rather not have to redownload the huge game again all for some small sound file..

also if i can't get this file and i do have to resort to reinstalling will i lose my save data or is it stored on games for windows live?
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    go to your library, right click on re5, click on delete local content and then redownload the game

    you wont lose your save game data (stored in the cloud)
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