Wanted Movie Review

Review by Rob Wright.

"Wanted," starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie, yet another comic book adaptation and yet another action movie that takes its cue from "The Matrix." But "Wanted" is more than just another big budget action movie.

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  1. Normally i write a detailed review of movies... but i'd sum up this movie in one word ... AWSUMMMM!!!! :P

    Agreed that it had a dash of "Matrix"... but still "Wanted" stands very strongly on its own... just because there are bullets in slo mo doesn't mean its Matrix. Its not like a kiss in a panning shot is "Gone with the wind" all over again ainnit? .....

    For the sake of a wee bit of trivia, this movie was the first to use a new tool in filmaking... the "Red One camera". This camera records data from a staggering 4096 by 2304 pixel area in normal operation. after filming, a software is used to downscale footage to High Definition resolutions. This process yields extremely friggin high-quality output due to significant oversampling. An extreme film buff or cinematography buff will probably notice the deliciously crisp way the film has been lensed.

    Angeline Jolie's role apparently was added in the later drafts of the script for better marketability...but the audience would never figure that out. Her oozing sex appeal and droolworthy tattoos are itself worth the price of admission. I don't want to sound like a 12 year old horny boy but the shot of a naked, tattooed, perfectly tanned and dripping wet Jolie is enough to drive the audience sweaty and short of breath. And that's only half the fun....... because she also shoots curving bullets sideways through a camera mounted gun.

    James McAvoy fits the role perfectly. It is true that after seeing the trailer i was 100% sure that he would crap up the role and the movie. I'd seen him in Atonement and though i WAS impressed with his acting skills, i never bought him as an action hero. I placed him in the category of "that young blond baby-faced Scottish dude in romantic comedies slash dramas who will always play the same character"........... But dammmmnnnn i was wrong... he speaks with a very authentic American accent, shoots bullets very convincingly, has considerably high acting abilities with downright chameleon-like qualities, and can also slam some serious butt. Here's the new golden boy of Hollywood...the final entity of the triad preceded by Matt Damon and Edward Norton.

    Supporting characters include a very Machiavellian Morgan Freeman who for obvious reasons seems to be having a heck of a lot of fun playing his character...... 5 stars to him for his hilarious expression at the climax.............and Konstantin Khambenski who was director Timur Berkmambetov's hero in Night Watch.

    Which brings me to the director, Timur B.... this is a guy who makes it very clear to the audience that it was him that brought the freshly nasty Eastern European madness to the script...and that he has no intention of leaning towards bubble gum cinema or cliches. He does NOT waste too much time for McAvoy's learning and training curve.... to some it might seem a tad too unlikely, but hey, its an action movie....nobody wants to see another office slob suddenly gifted with powers and is slowly and very slowly learning and realizing the true path of his life. So kudos to the director for that. And WHAT an entertaining learning curve.... it would be sinful to give away details...i won't, since its one of the highlights of the movie. Timur knows exactly who the audience is. He knows exactly what the audience wants... and he gives it in huge, humongous, tasty and appetizing ways. To say the action scenes are bombastically stupendous would be an understatement. Not only are they highly original and cinematic, but they're blooming, taut and very convincing. The innovative camera angles put the audience right in the middle of the smashes and crunches. Some excellent sound effects but help hugely. Night watch and Day watch were just trailers.... Wanted is the movie which showcases Timur's true talent. After Wanted, its going to be a highly anticipated wait for the final chapter of the trilogy, namely Dusk Watch. Wanted is what Pan's Labyrinth did to Guillermo Del Toro.

    There is one more aspect of the movie that adds to the movie's lingering sexiness... the background score. Veteran composer Danny Elfman deviates from his regular hyper kinetic trumpets and scores this movie with a light electronic beats ... it does nothing but add the spice to the flavor and makes the final product very tasty indeed. It is a breath of fresh air after listening to the misbegotten score of Spiderman 3 (Elfman was replaced by some one else for Spidey 3). The score would most certainly compete with Hans Zimmer and J Newton Howards' score of The Dark Knight for the oscars.

    Wanted is a must watch... it would be a carnal sin to miss such bombastic action captured on celluloid. Highly recommended.
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