Win 7 RC freezes during install

hello when i install windows 7 rc it finishes everything than at the COMPLETEING INSTALLATION ... it freezes including the mouse. any ideas as to what is going on. i tryed it on another computer and it works there but not on my pc, even after i reformat the HDD
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    Remember KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. Remove everything that is not necessary to install Windows including disabling the sound and network adapter in the BIOS and anything else that you can disable. If you get windows to install re-enable the devices one by one until you find the problem hardware.
  2. well i installed it once before. but nothing works.
  3. I ran into this before once. I HAD to have the monitor connected via VGA, rather than HDMI or DVI. Not until I did that did it finish. As weird and unrelated as that sounds, it was actually the solution. Took me some hunting online, but someone else was having similar problems.
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