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just bought a new desktop and it has the 30 days evaluation edition of win 7. I want to buy windows 8 license via download, but I am worried that it is upgrade and will give me an error. There is no option on Microsoft store to buy a full license and not an upgrade one.
Whats the proper solution here, to buy windows 8 digital download for my case. Also i have 32 bit windows want to get the 64 bit windows 8.

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  1. If you pay for the copy of Windows 7 you have installed you will be entitled to the discounted Windows 8 upgrade offer.
    Go for the 64bit version, the 8 upgrade will wipe the old Windows anyway
  2. isnt there a way to buy the license for win 8 64 bit full version?
  3. Seems not. Don't see a stand-alone version yet...but you can upgrade any version of Windows from XP on.
    Unless you're in the States of course... available there...OEM only
  4. u can buy a full version of windows 8. It is not out yet. It will be soon. Better to wait then go for these upgrades.

    All hardware now supports 32 or 64 bits os. Make sure u have more then 4 GB of rams for 64 bit.
  5. Quote:
    u can buy a full version of windows 8. It is not out yet. It will be soon. Better to wait then go for these upgrades.

    All hardware now supports 32 or 64 bits os. Make sure u have more then 4 GB of rams for 64 bit.

    Oh jeez.... where to start...

    1. The full version of Windows 8 has been out since October 26th. You can buy it in most stores now (although some retail shops only seem to be selling the upgrade versions - Best Buy is one such store). Please do a bit more research before making claims like that.

    2. Not all hardware supports the 64 bit instruction set yet. For instance, Intel's Atom Z2760 mobile CPU, which is appearing in many Windows 8 (Pro) based tablets, does not carry any 64 bit support. Tablets carrying this processor will also be limited to 2GB of ram.

    3. 4GB of RAM while certainly desirable for anything running a 64 bit version of Windows, is not required for the device to operate (I realize you didn't actually say that more than 4GB was required, but it was being implied).
  6. I mean "not out yet" is that , they r not widely available. There is no point in mention as available if u dont get get many options to buy it.
    And related to atom based tablet, query of Hwf00 is about desktop not tablet or things like that. Discussion related to Tablet smart phones etc r not necessary here.

    And about 4 GB ram in case of 64 bit environment , guess we dont buy a system only to run the OS. It is platform above which we run our desired softwares. Hwf00 has not purchased his hardware plus OS just to play around with windows setting. Right.

    This year Nvidia really had a hard time. In the beginning they officially released their cards, But every where their cards r mostly of stock (almost). So we can call that available (officially) Right and advice somebody Hey go and buy that to buy that card. U got my point.
  7. "Not out yet" does not mean "not widely available". If the product has been released, but stock levels are low, you can still mention that it is released, but also mention that physical stock in stores is not widely available yet. I see the point you were trying to make, but if it was phrased differently, your point would have been much clearer from the start.

    With 4GB of ram, I did not specify that "less than 4GB" really meant "2GB". I don't advocate that people run an operating system based on the minimum supported specs. We all saw what happens when OEM's do that with the release of Vista.

    I agree that the OP is not buying this simply to play around with Windows settings. My comment was simply a reaction to what you seemed to be implying regarding 64 bit Windows running on less than 4GB of ram. Nothing more. I think many of the people reading this forum probably understand that running 64 bit copies on 4GB or more is desirable anyway. I just didn't want anyone reading this thread who didn't understand that to get the impression that it was required for operation of a device.
  8. There is always a official press release date from every manufacturer. On that the officially declare that their product is available for consumers. The whole thing is governed by motive of the respective company, maybe to influence the share market or to please some people or say to show they have a competitive edge over their competitors or honestly products r really available . In some cases products r not out for general consumers for some time. what will u assume what u dont have a product to buy?. Hope u got my point.
    And about Ram hwf00 next asked anything about that. Only mentioned that as a precaution. People use the OS to do something right. Will u just suggest somebody Ram size just run the os or to do something above it?.
  9. That's already happened. Microsoft had a big launch event for Windows 8 declaring it was available. All versions became officially available on October 26th. Actual stock levels are irrelevant. The product is available for purchase... that's all that matters.

    You can tell a retail shop to order a copy if there are none in stock and they will contact you when it arrives. It's not like they are going to tell you that because they have none on hand in the store, that you can't buy it.
  10. Nice read ...thanks ^
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