Xbox Live Can't Connect to Internet

My Xbox 360 is connect through WiFi and for over a month im unable to connect. I would like to know how to fix the problem.
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  1. WEll if your sponging off a neighbor, they probably locked you out now.

    Buy another 1 month gold card?

    A little info would be nice.
  2. Is it plugged in?
  3. my God don't use wireless for gaming.
  4. I use wireless from my 360 to my router (for which my router is wired to my cable modem) and I have zero latency issues. I even use a wireless controller and wireless headphones (turtle beach x41's baby!). I thoroughly enjoy my gaming experience, but I also have a great wireless connection and really fast internet, so that helps too.
  5. i use wireless and it works fine too. It could be the xbox not being able to retrieve the right dns settings. Test connection and say what it fails at
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