(((SLOVED)))Restart durring the game play

OS:Win 7
Motherboard: GA-DS4-x48
CPU:E8500 @ 3.1 Ghz
Video: Card: Nvidia GTX 275
RAM: Patriot Gamer Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)
PSU:antc 850w

I had this issue for while now and I would like to figure out the problem, If not i guess i have to take it to Geek squad. This issue its been going on for about 3 months. I am not reallly smart when it comes to computers but this one was my 1st buily, The only thing that I upgraded is HD,Video card, and RAM. MY problem is when i play Game; MW2,BF,APB my computer would RESTART, On my lucky days i can play for 3-5 hours no problems, on my bad days like tonight it restarted like 5 times on me, sometimes i can play for hour it would restart, sometimes in 15-20 min. Sometimes on boot up i would get BSOD but once a while they change(bad_pool_header,Pfn_list_corrupt,win32k.sys 97b6b5cd)i prob got the by messing with clock and trying to do diffrent things what i read online.I can surf the web,play music any other stuff with no problems. I ran Test that i could possibly find on Google, OCCT,Memtest86,CPU tests,reinstalled the drivers, OS back to XP, and still same issue. Temps are good, CPU:62 underload, GPU 74 underload,I have 5 fans, so heat is not an issue.

One thing I dont understand is, I ran all GPU tests like 3dmark and my computer never restarted, but during the game play it does, so it seems like video card is fine, I even switch the cable conectors that go in Videocard.

SO i ask you guys if you could give me few ideas what to do next so i can pin point down whats wrong
Things i have done
cleaned the case and rebuild the computer
cleaned the heatsink
CPu tests-Passed
ALL OTTC test-passed

SO help me GOD lol

Thanks for all support and sorry about broken english
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  1. it seems odd, but doesn't look like system faults.... last resort:

    are the games originals? or downloaded images?
  2. Can you run Prime95 for 12+ hours?
  3. yeah I will run it tonight
  4. after all this time, i finally found out what it was wrong,
    I took out one of my RAM and test it single stick by memtest86+ V4.10 and it passed
    2nd stick Fail with
    8-not tested
    9-not tested

    A lot of Failing Addresses
    and a lot more lol
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