still having problems

hi all
Im still having problems with my pc. Now and again i get a blue screen crash.
and last night AOL broadband crashed and after a reboot everything looked ok I just could'nt open any windows, nothing seemed to work.
now this morning everything works fine apart from i had to repair my AOL connection and reboot a few times before it could recognise the USB DSL modem.
Iv got AVG 7 wich is updated every day I also run Ad-aware and spybot every 2-3 days just in case and I also use win xp sp2 firewall.
Iv run memtest for 3 hours with no errors and iv also run prime95
which after 2 hours is still running test one, so im not sure what that tells me.
please can someone help

Mobile XP 2500+ 210/11 @2.31 vcore 1.65
Abit NF7-S v 2.0
WD120 caviar 7200RPM
1 gig Crucial PC3200
BBA 9800 Pro
Antec trueblue 480

cpu temp idle 25c max 40c
system temp idle 20c max 24c

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  1. <b><font color=red>Mobile XP 2500+ 210/11 @2.31 vcore 1.65</font color=red></b>
    Run at your CPU's default speed to see if you still have problem.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  2. ok i will give it a try
  3. Ok I reduced the FSB back to default and then ran prime95 over night and after 15 hours it was still running test 4 so what could be making it take so long?
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