FEAR2 won't run

Hi all.

So i installed FEAR2 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. When i double-click the FEAR2.exe, the game will start to load, but in 2-3 seconds, sometimes faster, it just returns back to desktop and Windows checks for solution to the problem. Then it says that a problem caused the program to stop working. Any ideas?

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  1. what are your system specs?

    is it a legal copy of the game?
  2. System specs aren't a problem, i have a C2Q Q8200 @ stock, 4GB DDR2 @ 800MHz, HD4850 1GB, everything put on a P5Q SE mobo.

    No i don't have the money now for an legal copy:)
  3. there is your a legal copy

    you won't find any help here for pirated games, you are just SOL
  4. The problem is that this same copy has worked on Win XP 32-bit, so that's why i'm asking.
  5. unknown_13 said:
    No i don't have the money now for an legal copy:)

    That's no excuse for ignoring the rules. :non:
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