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Hello,I've been having connectivity issues with my xbox 360 lately and it's been driving me crazy. I have it hooked up to a laptop and bridged the connections. It used to be working fine but all of a sudden i disconnect every 10 minutes. Can somebody help me? Thanks for your time.
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  1. Did you install any new firewalls or antivirus programs?
  2. No but I recently had to use a recovery disk on the laptop and it was wiped clean of everything.
  3. It could be quite a few different things. A problem with your laptop, a coincidental problem with your 360, a problem in the settings of your bridged connection.

    You could just get a wireless adapter.
  4. Is there anything I can do besides buying a $100 wireless adapter?
  5. Get a ethernet cord long enough to reach the modem/router, or relocate the modem closer to the xbox.

    I bought one of the new wireless xbox 360s, and my old one is on Ebay.
  6. Thanks for the answer but my modem is like 30 ft from my xbox.
  7. Then why not get a router and then that way you don't have to do goofy bridging? Sorry, but even a 30 dollar cheapy router would be perfect for you and would cause a LOT less headaches.
  8. Hmmm... where can I get a $30 router?
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