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I have instaled coh antology, but if i launch the game it asks to download a patch. I have done this for about 10 times now. If I click "cancel" I must login, but I don't have an account and I can't create one either. I found a way past this and then there are 6 campains and i can only play 3 the other three are locked. To unlock all of them I need 2 codes, but i just have one. this would not matter that much because I can stil play 5 of the 6, but even before I can finish a level there has been an eror. when i launch the game again it ask to download the patch (the one I have downloaded 10 times earlier) I press "cancel" and it asks me to login or create an acount, but i stil can't do both. then I'am going on to the game and again only 3 of the six are unlocked. and this keeps on happening
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  1. How about making an account on the web?
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