MS C++ for games?

hi guys,
Ive had some trouble running some of the newest games..transformers, singulairty and metro 2033..

Ive noticed that when these games load they also load C++..

Problem is that I have different versions of C++ 05,07,09..etc..

could that be why the games I mentioned arent running at all? they all crash after I double click the icon?

which version of c+++ should I be running?
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  1. the game installer should install the correct version for you

    i think right now, most are using the 2007 c++ redistributable
  2. I have different version though..can that actually crash the games?
    like singularity, transformers doesnt even run .at all..
  3. i dont think so
  4. No, most games install a C++ redistributal package which includes the components the game needs to run. [that being said, a few [*coughFallout3couch*] will install pacakges from BETA versions of MS Visual Studio, which can cause problems...]
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