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Hello, I Bought Mass Effect On Steam A Couple Months Ago, I Played It On My Laptop (Acer Aspire 5517) And Wasn't Getting Good Fps, So I Then Got My Brothers Computer, Amd Athlon 3800+, 1gb ram, ati radeon hd 4350 and i just downloaded mass effect 1 again (10 freaking gigabytes jesus) and on my laptop i would get 15-20fps im still getting that fps on my computer i know it's not a dream machine or anything but it gets the job done, im also upgrading my ram this upcoming weekend but what could it be why am i getting such low fps i just want 30 fps average any help would be greatly appricated

p.s i downloaded the mass effect 2 demo and i get 30+ fps on that
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  1. Both of those are very slow and mass effect isn't that old of a game. I believe it runs on the unreal engine.

    Whilst it was made to run on an xbox 360 it will still take some power to run.

    What resolution and settings are you trying to run it at?
  2. i know that it's not an old game made in 2007 and ported to pc in 2008 and i know my system is amazing but i can run it, and i get the same fps if i put max settings and my native resolution or if i put 640x480 and lowest settings doesn't make a diffrence im gonna complain to steam and i want my money back
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    I hope that asking for your money back thing is a joke. Your computer barely has the minimum requirements.

    If resolution and settings do not make a difference then it would be your cpu which seeing as how you are using in the desktop at least, a single core 3800+ it would not be surprising.

    Without a significant increase in power I do not think it will run great. You just need better components.
  4. no it's not a joke i can play newer games with alot better fps, and yes i know my system isnt amazing or whatevrr but it gets the job done i dont want to play really high resolutions or anything but mass effect is just ported really badly and i don't need to that bad,
  5. How can you say it is ported badly when your computer is as bad as it is, you bought the game, you deal with it. I doubt you will get a refund.
  6. No offense, your computer stinks. And ME is hardly ported badly; everything that runs on the Unreal Engine runs very well, even on older hardware. The point is, your CPU and RAM are really holding you back, and very few modern games will run at any decent speed whatsoever with a single core and 1GB RAM.
  7. well then why can i run mass effect 2 with 30+ fps and mass effect 1 15-20 im not playing at crazy ******* resolutions so shut the *** up how bad my computer is becuase i dont give a *** i can play any game fine with lower resolution so as long as i can play the game im fine but this is unacceptable and yes this is a bad port/ it's very poorly optomized? so if your just gonna say that my computer sucks GTFO if you want to help then please do,
  8. Its a statement of a fact. Both the laptop and your brothers computer are dated, and not suitable for gaming, even at low resolutions. Also, the ME2 demo ran slightly faster then the release did, and runs about the same as ME1 in my experience.

    You might be able to run older games OK, but your PC will stuggle with most newer games.
  9. okay but then why can i play metro 2033? like i said i don't care if i have to play at low settings or anything but i can them at max and or at low and no fps change at all and i know its not my system becuase lots of people have this problem with even better computers than me so please helpful comments only, oh yea why if my computer is so junk why can i play medal of honor beta pretty good? one i upgrade my ram i think it'll be even better
  10. The fact that I had a better computer around 05/06 is testament to how bad your computer is 4 years down the road. There is nothing wrong with using a computer that old as long as you know it's limitations.

    Different games run differently, one running well does not immediately mean another will run the same.
  11. I find it hard to believe Metro 2033 could run on that, regardless of settings used. Either way, the fact remains that PC is old and out of date, and you should not buy a new game and have the expectation it should run well.
  12. new game thats bulshit thats 2 years old yet i can play a game that came out this year so whatever im closing this thread since no ones accually helping
  13. Time of release has does not completely relate to how easy it is to run. An example of this is source games. They have always run well on an amazing array of hardware and looked quite good, other games have not run as well and not necessarily looked better.

    You came for advice we have offered it honestly, just because you have not got the answer you were looking for is not our problem.
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