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Hey guys,

I like to play some games on my pc with friends every once in a while. Problem is that I just got one pc, so mostly just one person gets to play at the time.
However some games allow you to play with several people on one pc (due splitscreens or whatever way). The only titles that I got and got that option are Blur and several FIFA Football games.
If you know more games with these options, please write them down!

Thanks in advance. :hello:

Ps. I prefer using xbox 360's controllers, so please just list games that support those. I'm difficult, I know....
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  1. It's some portion of racing games, most of EA Sports games and possibly some arcade games (Worms, Soldat, etc). I have no idea what games support Xbox360 controller. The only one I have ever used is PS controller for NHL / PES series and that was only because the keyboard was too crowded ^^
  2. Pro Evo Soccer supports em and ya can play multiplayer
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    IIRC The Street FIghter Games allow 2 player on the one system
  4. Cool! if anyones knows more I'll be happy to hear them.
  5. split second and kane and lynch:dead men....two games i know of
  6. Street Fighter IV is lots of fun. Haven't got the chance to play it with friends yet though. :D
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  8. If you were still looking, Trine is a great 3 player platformer game. One person plays the mage who makes boxes and bridges for you to use, one player plays the warrior, who kills the enemies and protects, and one person plays the archer, who can jump well and grapple onto things to reach secret places. My roommates and I had an absolute blast with this game. You can buy it on steam for 10$ I believe.
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