hey i just burned though metro 2033 and i need a game that will last me a while with its single player content and plz have the graphics to be semi good
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  1. if you like rpg games then you might like mass effect 2 but it's better if you have played the first one, starcraft 2 just came out, Arma II, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and theirs others
  2. iv played the first one beat it on my xbox i have a code for blood dragon armor from dragon age origins um starcraft2 looks iffy imo never played the first one but if its anything like c&c 3 + that would be nice never heard of arma 2 bad company 2 i played the first one but first is it visually appealing and second does it have a lengthy story
  3. try fallout 3 if you havn't already
  4. Also try to master the little-known art form known as punctuation. I get out of breath reading your posts...
  5. Farcry 2 is good too, it'll keep you occupied for a while, or if you really wanna keep yourself occupied, Oblivion kept me going when I fractured my knee and was bed ridden for two months a couple of years ago.
  6. ha ha ha ha Herr Koos, you crack me up!!!

    well, what a good idea would be is to visit or to check for the latest releases and game ratings to see whether you fit game preference: from RPG FPS, Strategy...etc

    from there choosing a game can be really easy, games are rated by numbers of players, and forums to read about how the game performed, game visual qualities and so forth...

    if you into Metro 2033 (I know i wasn't), then maybe turn to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Shadow oh Chernobyl, Clear Sky, and Call of Pripyat), they have the same setting, atmosphere and visual greatnesses....

    but yet again, pay a visit to the websites that offer recent gaming information!! it makes you wonder what to spend your money on next!!

    enjoy!! and yes, punctuation does help!!!
  7. Wait for Maffia 2 or Assassin's Creed Brotherhood if you can wait a while.
    If you want to be playing a game right now just get Assassin's Creed II. It's just about 15 bucks right now at Amazon:

  8. try either oblivion or just cause 2
  9. fallout III or batman: AA
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    Here you go:

    Stalker series- Its looong, but a li'l slow. Graphics are awesome! Huge environments

    Bioshock 2- Its fun AND decently long. Graphics are really good.

    AvP- Long and good graphics. A li'l monotonous after a while though. But the saving grace is that you can play three different campaigns....Aliens, Predators and marines. So if you get bored of one, you can hop onto an other

    Call of Duty6: Modern Warfare 2- By far the best game in terms of graphics, story and replay value. Not too long though

    Left4Dead2- Good game, endless hours of play if you can get hooked onto multiplayer. Graphics are 'semi-good'

    Crysis- Best graphics till date! Good gameplay

    FarCry 2- Amazing graphics, good lenght, but again....slow after a while.

    I suggest the above considering you're coming from Metro 2033 and would be looking at something similar in terms of graphics.

    Also consider Dead Space! This is one helluva scary game! The grpahics are good and the length is better than decent! The only drawback is the over-the-shoulder view. try hitting it up on YouTube to get an idea on what I'm saying.
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