How can I change my OEM's logo during boot process

Since my computer is from Dell I of course have to view the corporate logo during a short time (which is getting boring when it is repeated over and over again) during every boot process. I am just curious if I somehow can change the logo to something else (another word for example, like my personal name).
In that case, how is it done?
Is it easy or difficult?
If you can't help me out. Do you have any idea where I can find some answers to my question.

Hope someone knows about this issue..
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  1. you usually can disable the logo in bios , it will just show post info then
  2. You can disable it as randy66 said. However in order to change it would require a BIOS flash, I did it with my gigabyte GA7-ZXR one. Its not easy, first you have to find a program that can edit your BIOS then download the latest BIOS, re-compile it using the editing program (with your new logo contained inside) and then flash the BIOS.
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