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I can't get the Cities XL Limited game I purchase through the Steam application to run. It tries to connect to the Internet every time I try to play it but I get a message something like this : "You must login online to activate your account." Steam didn't seem to be much help with the problem. Is there any way I can get this game to work, or am I just out of luck? I'm currently connected wirelessly to a network server (shared network). Does anyone have any suggestions? I'll be more than happy to supply more info. Thanks guys.
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  1. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how did you fix it? Also, can I get my money from Steam refunded if I can't get the game to work, or what should I do? I've purchased the game several weeks ago and still can't get it to work. Does anyone know if this problem is limited to Steam or does this happen with other game download centers as well? Thanks for all your help, as I'm not sure what to do next.
  2. You need to go on their official website and register I think.

    The activation key should have provided by steam, or otherwise can be found easily (I cant remember exactly where but its in the steam FAQs (easy to find)).

    Once you register just follow what the site says, tbh never owned the game, and from what steam forums say, i dont think i ever will, im sorry to say it, but it doesnt seem too great (especially with the memory leak problems).

    This particuliar problem is not steam related (i think) so steam is not likely going to refund you. But if you feel like you want to try to, then contact steam support by submitting a ticket.
  3. Thanks 2 billion penguins. I do have a registered account with cities xl and steam both. I think there may be some problem with cities xl. Should I try making a new password and see if that helps?
  4. I forgot to mention that I can get on Cities XL's site just fine and view my profile. The problem occurs right when I go to play the game. As soon as I try to log in, it gives me the message "You must login online to activate your account." And above this in the box, it says "Game servers could not be reached. We apologize for the inconvenience." Is there something wrong with the connection, or is Steam making a killing off of offering games that never can connect and be played? Thanks.
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    Mmm ppl seemed to have been getting authentication problems, supposedly the game developers went bust, so that might have affected their authentification servers. However someone has reported being able to log on (dont know if its the thruth or not).

    Mmm... you can try complaining to steam about it, telling them that they sold you a game after the developers went bust and having had reports of difficulties to log on (hence selling you a faulty product). Im not sure what would happen, but unfortunately this is a problem with most digital distribution forms, where refunds for products which were failed by their developers are hard to get.
  6. Does anyone know of any way that I can buy the Cities XL Limited Edition game in dvd form versus downloading it? I would be willing to buy one from someone for a reasonable price. Thanks for your help.
  7. Please note that I found one or two from UK but those are in a different format, I think.
  8. I still can't get into Cities XL Limited and I can't find a good place to buy one that's in U.S. format online. I might just have to wait until Cities XL 2011 comes out.
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