Planning to buy XBOX360 250GB Slim

I am planning to buy new XBOX360 250GB Slim, I dont have HDMI TV, so i am planning to connect console to Samsung 2233SW PCMonitor using HDMI-DVI converter cable.
Please give me suggestion on this. Does clarity of the video differs?
Which one do you prefer among PS3 and XBOX360?
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  1. hdmi and dvi have the same video quality, but dvi does not stream audio
  2. I used this for a long time to connect my 360 to a monitor, worked well:

    Depending on what sort of speakers you use you may need to get some audio converter cables as well:
  3. as jefe323 said, there is no difference in video quality, about the VGA cable 3nn10 said, i wouldn't use it since VGA can lead to degraded video quality

    personally i prefer the PS3, but i want Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo 5 (when it comes out of course)
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