Motherboard advice please!!!!

I am about to purchase the motherboard to build an Athlon 64 based computer.

Can not decided if socket 939 is better or socket 754 is better.

If socket 939 is more advanced do that translates into faster or better performance?..

The mobo will go paired with an Athlon 64 3000+ because my budget can't afford anything more expensive.

Thanks for the replies.
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  1. What will you be using the computer for? What components do you already have? Socket 939 is the newest. If price is a limiting factor, then you'll get the best price/performance ratio from the socket 754.

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  2. This computer will be for multiuse....some graphics apps such as Video Capture (transfering analog video tapes into digital and recording into DVD)and video games...even tho I am not a hard core gamer...

    The system I have in mind is :

    Mobo ASUS AV8 De Luxe (socket939)(don't have it yet)
    Athlon 64 3000+ for socket 939(don't have it yet)
    ATIRADEON 9800Pro 128 megs 256 bits (allready have it)
    Fortron FSP 350 Watts(have it)
    Western Digital 120 gigs (have it)
    Memory: Corsair Value Select512 MEGS SDRAM DDR400 PC 3200(have it)
  3. socket 939 is not more advance than socket just has dual channel memory controller. socket 754 has a single channel memory controller which perform the same as the 939's one, except with half the memory bandwidth. So, having double the bandwidth should result in 2 times the performance ..false! only 5-7% gain at best for same clocked cpu. Why going dual channel? well..Intel has it so AMD should have it too... Because Intel need that extra bandwidth with their 800 MHz FSB but not AMD, with their 400 MHz bus. PC3200 memory run in sync with AMD FSB, that why the difference with dual channel is so small. Lower latency is what AMD need and it is why the ODMC bring more performance compared to memory controller in chipset.

    So, socket 939 is not more advanced, just different. having a revised memory controller on socket 939 which support DDR and DDR2 while one on socket 754 which only support DDR, then you would be correct by saying that socket 939 is more advanced. maybe in the future, but not now.

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  4. Oh, and since your budget will not allow you a faster cpu than a 3000+, the be advised that a 754 3000+ is faster than the 3000+ 939. the 754 run at 2 ghz while the 939 run at 1.8 ghz.

    So, to get the most of a 939 motherboard, you'll need to buy another memory stick to run it dual channel(it will run only single channel with one stick, as a 754 motherboard). If you cannot afford more memory, then go faster now with a socket 754 motherboard (I use the soltek k8an2e-gr, which is rock stable, fast and inexpensive..89$ at newegg) and a 3000+. or 3200+ 754 if the money you save from the board allow it.

    Adding a 754 CPU and MOBO to what you already have will result in a nice system that should last you long enough because, the 3700+, which is the fastest 754 CPU is the same as a 4000+ 939, except that it is single channel.

    My upgrade path, according to what you have would be going 754 now with your parts, saving for the next computer for 2 years, sell the one you already have and use that money plus the one you saved to get yourself a nice up to date computer.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  5. I think someone should make a 754 vs 939 guide and make sure it gets a good spot in the cpu and mainboard forum....
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Was really educational and helps to make a decision.
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