Which 1st person shooter to buy as a gift?

I wish to buy a 1st person shooter as a gift for a thirteen year old boy. Which of these is the hottest now?

Battlefield 1942
Unreal Tournament 2003
Medal of Honor
Alien vs Predator

Help is appreciated! Thanks.

Best Regards,
Chris Fleming
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  1. Unreal Tournament 2003 gets my vote. Its a fun game, very similiar to the hugely popular original, but with new guns, levels, and better graphics.
  2. BF1942 Great game== repititious though ...regardless

    UT2003 also great game but too much like the first..

    medal of honor= great game == not as repititous as the others as long as you get the patches(ie. different objectives as you go along)

    alien vs predator..didnt really like the game so cant really comment on it,

  3. I must admit, I liked them all. But if it's for a 13 year old boy, I'd go for UT2003 or Medal of Honor

    If you were buying for me, this would be the order I'd like them (best first):

    Alien vs Predator
    Medal of Honor

    All are great games, I'm sure the lucky little guy would like any one of them

    It's all good ^_^
  4. I'd get him Freelancer. That's the most fun I've been having lately, and I'm 13 on the inside (unless he doesn't like sci-fi, then UT2K3).

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  5. I would buy MOHAA.

    You can also think about Clive Barker's Undying. It's verrrrrry scary.

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  6. I am going to throw in a vote for UT2k3. It's a great game that is starting to get a good mod community behind it. So there will always be something new about the game. If I had to choose a new hottest game, I would go with Enter The Matrix. It is just a cool game. I am blown away by what all you can do in this game. If you don't want to run around shooting people, let your hands and feet do the talking.

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  7. For great actions and non-stop shooting, I recommend the new games "Delta Force: Black Hawk Down" and "Vietcong".
  8. *votes for BF1942*
    Go with BF, although most servers are filled with llamas, it's the only game that hasn't got boring to me.

    UT2k3, great, looks nice, and is fun for about 1hr.
    DF black hawk down, again looks nice, but that's about it.
    I thought rainbowsix3 had a longer lasting appeal compared to DFBHD though.
    MOHAA is ok, you could go with that i guess.
    AVP, something about all the AVP series never made the game 'feel right'... there was just something odd about it, but it had some cool ideas.
  9. I would go with MOHAA for the singel player mode. If you're looking for multi-player then Battlefield 1942 would be my choice. Unreal 2003 is good also as long as foul language (whatever that is) isn't a concern.
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