Dragon age origins problem

okay here is the problem, im playing dragon age origins tried the 1.02 1.01 and 1.03 patch. all did not help

while running or walking, screen stops for like 1 sec or LAGS i dunno what it is really, but its really annoying.
i have all my settings on high or very high but i also tried lowering all to low, but did not help at all.
is this a framerate problem? i tried with and without framebuffer or even lowering my reso t0 800 x 600 fromo 1920x1080

my specs are.
Core 2 duo @ stock speed.
3gb of ram
gtx 275
Win 7 64bit

this aint a download so i dunno whats wrong with it. its pretty playable but its just really annoying that when you move or walk to a place it stops for sec and you can really notice it. As for everything else, its all good. no lag in dialogs or combat. its just this damn studdering thingy! so frustrated right now. these original games are quite expensive here too. Could it be an installation problem? should i get the latest patch? which by the way takes a decade to download. or is it my framerate of my monitor? there is no option to run it on 60 or 50 hz. My vid card driver is also updated.
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  1. PS. the correct word for this is CHOPPY gameplay.

    anyway, thanks guys. really need help here.
  2. What is your "Core 2 duo", maybe it's not powerful enough to run the game, it may also be bottlenecking your gtx 275 but I doubt it.
  3. hey guys, i found the cause. its my utorrent. when its on its causes slight stuttering lagger choppy action to my game. ONLY IN DA:O thought, which is weird. i can run GTA 4 like butter in high settings. And also, i think 3gb of RAM is not enough. Thanks guys for the replies.
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