I recently installed XP Home SP2 on my second computer. My main comp is running XP Pro SP1. When on the SP2 machine, I can access the network mapped drive, and all shared documents, and view my XP Pro SP1 very fast. When I go on the XP Pro SP1 machine, to view the SP2 comp, its really slow. It takes like 30 seconds to load screens. The Windows Firewall is disabled on both comps, because I am behind a router. Is there any fix for this?
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  1. Well being behind a router doesnt automaticly mean you're protected..

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  2. Well, the router may not block everthing, but I have been running behind it for years, without a problem. I just can't stand the XP firewall, screws up so much stuff with my network. Anybody know of known issues with MSHOME and XP SP2? I tried google, but didn't come up with anything.
  3. I notice a slowness as well but it is only for initially bringing up the share, once I'm in it is fast. I think it is just yet another sp2 bug, keep doing your windows updates and it "might" get fixed sometime. My problems were solved when I put together a storage server to hold all my data but not all people have that luxury :)

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  4. back in the day this problem was solved by disabling the computer browser service. well, that was my solution anyway.

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