After scouring IGN, I still need game ideas!

Loving my new rig!

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE, XFX 5850, 4GB Ripjaw DDR3 1600, Auzentech sound card, 1 TB HDD... Good stuff.

Anyways a lot of the games I'm interested in go a few years back.

Crysis, World in Conflict, Company of Heroes, Borderlands. Amazon has Stalker for $10, worth getting? It looks so dated. Maybe that's just a bad PC on the other end.

I have Battle for Middle Earth 2 with Rise of the Witch King, but I keep getting an error where the game wont load. It's about $15, should I look in to another copy or can this be patched? Really liked that game.

Starcraft 2 is a must, but I think my fiance bought it already for my birthday.

Empire Total War looks good, but after reading about it, how could a game this buggy get released?

Dawn of War 2 looks fun, but let me see if I have this right... Basically you forgo base building and pump out customized squads for the missions at hand?

Beat games like BioShock and Dead Space on consoles. Had Fallout 3, couldn't get in to it. Give it another shot on PC?

Just looking for good games I might be over looking.
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  1. Why not just buy some shampoo?
  2. Shampoo's will come and shampoo's will go....but games live on forever! :D

    L4D2 (if you like multiplayer)
    Bad Company 2
    Prototype (good fun!)
    Stalker is great on grpahics, but a bit slow after a point
    Metro 2033
  3. Thanks... a lot of people seem to be enjoying AvP, despite meh reviews.
  4. Stalker:Call of Pripyat is a good game, and if you are getting it for 10 bucks then you should definitely look into it.
  5. Alpha Protocal got really terrible reviews, but I really like the game!
  6. namelessonez said:
    Shampoo's will come and shampoo's will go....but games live on forever! :D

    But if you have enough shampoo you can play Russian Roulette with paintball guns. ;)
  7. If you like action RPGs Mass Effect is fun a little bit old but cheap, or you can jump right into Mass Effect 2 which is even more amazing.
    Bad Company 2 is also pretty good.
  8. This is what I play and love em all! Mainly BFBC2 tho..

    Get the Orange Box, off steam.
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 + Vietnam expansion due winter 2010.
    Aliens Vs Predator
    World in Conflict
    Eve Online
    Trackmania Nations (Its Free and brilliant)
  9. Should I play ME before ME2? I know they bring you up to date, but sometimes it's better playing through the prequel.

    Just got Torchlight, lots of fun, and cheap!

    I really like RTS/FPS games. World in Conflict feels like Red Dawn. Empire Total War is taunting me at $20. It looks so appealing because it's not mutants/zombies/futuristic. If anyone has it, just how bad are those bugs everyone was complaining about?
  10. Go ahead with Mass effect its worth playing before ME2.... I been playing both for the last week morning until night! Wish I could erase my memory so I can reply the game over and over!
    Dont forget about the DLCs ;)
  11. How about F1 in Septmber.
  12. I forgot about Torchlight, love that game, they announced the sequel yesterday, and it will have peer to peer co-op and outdoor zones with weather effects.
  13. If you like RTS, World of Warcraft/ Starcraft

    FPS: well...the list is long! But try Max Payne (1& 2),
  14. Don't think World of WarCraft is a RTS... but all the same
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